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Here We Are: Notes for living on planet Earth

Here We Are: Notes for living on planet Earth is possibly the most rewarding and pleasant experience of my time in the animation world.  I’ve had the opportunity to work most of 2019 with the best of crews at Studio AKA.

Directed by the lovely Phillip Hunt and based on the award winning childrens book Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers, this wholesome film was done for Apple TV+ as one of the first batch of animated original content.  We’ve had the greatest of teams and it was a perfect experience to learn, grow and meet great people.  There were a lot of design challenges and being very peculiar about shapes & poses throughout the animation was something that altered my approach in animation for the better.

Above are all the shots I’ve animated, with the exception of crowds and the very last gigantic shot which took 4 of us to finish.  You can find more details about the project here and here.
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