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Madrid Noir

Madrid Noir for Oculus Quest was a project of firsts!  Both first time working on a VR project as well as my first time as an animation director, it was such an incredible learning experience.  Working with the amazing folk at No Ghost and directed by the multi-amazing James A. Castillo, we’ve managed to create a very engaging - beatiful storytelling adventure for the Oculus (Meta) Quest.  

Animation in VR came with a lot of restrictions but we managed to create very believeable and loved characters with a great small team of animators.  The project was also extremely well received and critically acclaimed, leading us to have a lot of awards & nominations, including the Emmy’s and also a very humbling Annie nomination.  

If you have an Oculus headset, you can give Madrid Noir a try here. There’s also a 4 part behind the scenes of how all pieces of the puzzle came together which you can see here.
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