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Misc. Commercials

Below are several miscellaneous commercials I’ve had the opportunity to work on through the last few years.  You can watch the commercials in full and you can see all the shots I’ve animated at the bottom of the page.

Go Compare - Kitchen Sink

Monster Bill for GoCompare was produced at Framestore.  My role was animation alongside a super talented team.

Marmot - Fall in Love with the Outisde (Super Bowl Ad)

Marmot was a Super Bowl ad produced at Electric Theatre Collective.  I’ve had a chance to animate on it along side a talented crew  - click here for credits

McVities - Digestives Nibbles

McVities Seal was produced at The Mill.

St. John Ambulance - The Chokeables

This was an educational video produced for St. John Ambulance at ETC, I was responsible for all princess animation & development. Credits

BBC - Sprout Boy

BBC Sprout was a Christmas Special produced at Nexus.

You can find all the shots I’ve animated in these ads below

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