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Fanta - “Snacktime”

As part of the big Fanta campaign for Ogilvy & Mather, they wanted to have a series of films encouraging snacktime and emphasize that snacks go well with Fanta products.  Produced at Lighthouse VFX in Istanbul, I was mainly responsible for animation throughout.

There were two films in this series, "Away from Home"(above) and "At Home"(below) as well as a teaser “Maude Taste” (right).

You can watch the full commercials and see the shots I’ve animated below.

For more detailed information & credits, click here.

“Maude Taste” teaser playblast animated by me

“Maude Taste” teaser full

Below are the shots I've animated (all characters unless stated otherwise).

Fanta - “Arcade”

Ogilvy&Mather Dubai and Lighthouse VFX were working on another global Fanta film which I had a chance to animate on with a great crew.

Different than most Fanta films, Arcade had a grimm, darker story to it where Fanta characters have become "Playless" and Todd&Tristan are to save them with a challenging game of pool.

Below are the shots I've animated, all characters unless stated otherwise.

Fanta - “Bungee”

Fanta Bungee project was completed in Lighthouse VFX with a very talented crew (2010).

I had the role of animating on the Fanta Bungee project. All shots other than shot 7 and shot 11 are animated by me.


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